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There Are lots of rom,but you're not satisfied!?
follow this things to find a prefect rom for gaming.

1.You guys want everything from a rom like customization, performance, Battery etc.
And here you guys made a big mistake.
Customizable roms eat a horrible type of cpu uses that you dont know.
find a rom which have less customization rom and use it.

2.use vanilla version of rom cz google management services and google apps consume a lot part of ram and you feel laggy while gaming.

3.if you feel good with some rom do not change it/use any custom kernels or update it without proper gaming review that can satisfied you.

4.always use aosp or caf base rom ( ignore rom like miui, rui,emui etc)

5.use android 10/11 base roms.

Follow That 5 steps and you'll get a perfect rom.🌚

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@godTspeed  (on Telegram)
@godspeedmode  (on Telegram)

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