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STRP x FC Is NOW >>>

BOLT Is a Fast Charge Module Supporting diffrent Battery Capacities
 v1.3 (130)
  •  Recommend to remove the OLD Module (STRPxFC) before flashing this one!
  •  Module name Changed to STRP x BOLT!
  •  Added CLI
  • Added new values for ultimate charging on diffrent capacities
  •  Increased Temperature
  •  Use The Main Menu over Termux to choose fast Charging methods
  •  Added High Speed Wireless Charging Values
  •  Many bugs fixed and Improvments made

Menu Command:
su -c BOLT


 v1.1 (110) Changelog..
  • Reworked script
  • Toast now applies correctly
  • script initialize after 50 sec, after boot
  • minor bugs fixed and improvments made
  • GMPF is NOW STRP x FC (FastCharge)
  • Created New Script which will AUTO Execute after reboot!
  • Up to 3k mA Charging Power
  • Up to 46° Temperature
  • Im NOT Responsible for any damage!



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