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Viper4Android FX Magisk Module INSTALL

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Viper4Android FX Magisk Module GET & Install

Viper4Android FX Magisk Module is the most pleasing sound equalizer tool that can separately optimize sound for Bluetooth headphones, audio and speakers. This module is the most pleasing sound enhancer tool. Viper4Android module is a audio Modification Library. If you're using Android 10 | Android 11 | Android 12 | Android 13 running device & you want to install the custom audio module, you can Install ViPER4xAndroid on your devices. GET Viper4x and Install with TWRP or Magisk Manager App. Enjoy Android music listening experience. You can install the V4A on any android device. The Module if you install from TWRP Recovery.

Viper4Android FX Magisk Module GET & Install


Headphone Surround: It's way to achieve great surround technologies for Android.
FX Compatible Mode
Auditory System Protection

ViPER-DDC: Enjoy near HIFI sound on your headphones.

Channel Pan: Controls left or right channel output.
ViPER Fidelity Control
Differential Surround

ViPER Clarity: Best Clarity Experience by balancing the Heavy bass.
Viper Bass: You can get the greater bass experience than before.
ViPER Fidelity Control
Speaker Optimization: try it your self

Dock or USB effect Support: ViPER 4 Android supports Dock or USB audio output.

Spectrum Extension: Music sound lossless with enhanced high frequencies.
Quad Channel Convolver: It’s support IRS

AnalogX: The sound signature of pure class A amplifier.

FET Compressor: Viper 4x is a simulating the operation of FET circuits.

How to install Viper4Android Android flash via Magisk Module

  • Goto Magisk App
  • The button screen right site off screen tap on it 
  • Goto install from storage tap on it
  • Select viper4 android fx flashable zip
  • After installed done reboot your device

How to install Viper4Android apk zip with Twrp Recovery 

  • Goto twrp recovery 
  • Tap on install button 
  • Select viper 4 android zip from storage 
  • After installed done then reboot your device.

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