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The Magisk Module market is huge and getting even bigger. A lot of people nowadays use Magisk Module to bypass the system detection and to hide root. Magisk Module is the best solution that is on the market. You can install Magisk Module on your device in few seconds. Magisk Module helps you manage the root access and maintain the system stability.

1. Introduction to Magisk Module

Magisk is a systemless root that was created by XDA Developer and Koushik Dutta. Magisk is a systemless root that has been gaining a lot of popularity lately and is a great way to customize your Android device. Magisk has gained a lot of popularity due to its ability to provide users with root without the need to flash a custom recovery image. Magisk is a great way to remove system bloat, add new features, and optimize your device for battery life. But before you can install Magisk on your device, you will need to install the Magisk Manager app. Magisk is compatible with all Android devices running Android 7.0 and higher.

2. Magisk Module Features

Magisk is a type of module that is available on the Google Play Store. Magisk is a popular module because it is super simple to use and it has a lot of features. Magisk is an open source project that allows you to hide root and other modifications from the system. You can use Magisk to make your phone more secure or to make it more transparent. Magisk is also a great way to hide root from other apps that aren't compatible with root. Magisk is often used by people who want to hide root from the system. Magisk is also a great way to hide root from other apps that are incompatible with root. Magisk is also a great way to hide root from the system. Magisk is a modular system that allows you to hide root from the system and other apps. Magisk is a great way to hide root from the system and other apps without having to use a lot of complicated settings.

3. How to Install Magisk Module

Magisk is one of the most popular Android modding tools. It is a root management solution that allows you to install a custom recovery, modules, and Xposed framework on your device. Magisk allows you to hide the root access from apps and services that you don't want. It also grants you superuser access, which is required to install Magisk to begin with. You can also use Magisk to hide root access from different apps and services. The steps below will walk you through the installation process.

4. Conclusion.

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Changes Log x4

Change log:
• Notification toast
• A13 & A12 Well Optimized
• improved A13 & A12 UI Smoothness
• Added some necessary Build props
• Retweak Cpu 
• Retweak I/O 
• Removed Zram 
• Retweak CPU input boost
• Retweak GPU 
• Added AimBoost
• replaced some tweaks
• TouchConfig Update
• Improved & optimized Improved Battery Life
• Improved & optimized Improved CPU Governors, GPU Rendering and IO Schedulers
• Improved & optimized Full memory management/Better multitasking.
• Improved & optimized Linux kernel tweaks and improvements for better performance and battery life.
• Improved & optimized Less lags for gamers.
• Improved & optimized Entropy generator engine used to reduce lags.
• Improved & optimized Zipalign apps in "/system" and apps in "/data" every 24 hours which result in less RAM usage.
• Improved & optimized Sqlite optimizations and faster database access.
• Improved & optimized CPU governors tweaks and improvements for better performance and battery life.
• Improved & optimized Drastically decreased the drainage of battery
• Improved & optimized Enables a non-aggressive dithering to save CPU

• Improved & optimized Slightly improves the scaling of the frequencies (for better results you need a good kernel)
• Improved & optimized Lightens the load on the CPU switching the workload to GPU rendering
• Improved & optimized GPU Tweaks added for better gaming experience
• Improved & optimized Zipalign at each Boot for better performance
• Improved & optimized CPU Boost Scripts
• Improved & optimized Lag reduction
• Improved & optimized VM Tweaks
• Improved & optimized Prop Tweaks
• Improved & optimized In Game Bullet Registration Fixed , Desync Fixed
AND more new tweaks are included for improve user gaming experience
•Improved TOTAL Gaming Performance

ChangeLog : 3.1
•Remove Some Unusual repeated prop s
•Updated Terminal Script For Gaming
•Gaming Mode Fixed; will stop all background activities Every 95 sec
•Clear All Temporary Files feature Added ; will Type in Capital 'Y' For Clear all temp files
•Battery Mode Updated; will set 'power save' governor (for back to normal governor settings need) Restart phone
•sqlite3 Updated
•zip align Updated
•Added init system support
•Disable Many Logs
•Blacklist apps support working


DON'T USE Any Other Optimization Modules
•  No Thermal Included .
• Busybox Required
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