Godspeed Mode Resurrect Of madness PRO

GODSPEED Mode Magisk Module: Your Travel to Gaming Enormity

Raise your gaming ability with the GODSPEED Mode Resurrect Of Franticness Master Magisk Module. Created by the venerated @revWhiteShadow and fuelled by cutting-edge features, this module opens the doorway to a new era of gaming greatness. Select from four meticulously crafted profiles, optimise your device, and embrace the ultimate gaming experience. Join the elite ranks of mobile gamers who have unlocked their full potential with GODSPEED Mode Resurrect Of Franticness Master, and set forth on a journey of gaming significance.

Key Features of GODSPEED Mode

1. Four Customisable Profiles

GODSPEED Mode offers four distinct profiles tailored to different gaming needs. Each profile is designed to optimise various aspects of your device’s performance, ensuring a smooth and responsive gaming experience.

2. Advanced Device Optimisations

This module leverages advanced optimisations to enhance your device's CPU, GPU, and memory management. These tweaks minimise lag, reduce load times, and improve overall game performance.

3. Battery Efficiency

While maximising performance, GODSPEED Mode also includes features to manage power consumption effectively, ensuring you can game longer without depleting your battery quickly.

4. Easy Activation via Terminal

Activating GODSPEED Mode is simple. Use the terminal command su -c pom to quickly switch to the desired profile and start enjoying enhanced gaming performance immediately.

Installation and Setup

Installing GODSPEED Mode is straightforward for anyone familiar with Magisk. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Root Your Device: Ensure your device is rooted with Magisk. If not, follow the instructions available on the official Magisk website.
  2. Download GODSPEED Mode: Obtain the module from a reliable source, such as the official Magisk repository or a trusted developer site.
  3. Install via Magisk Manager:
    • Open Magisk Manager.
    • Go to the Modules section.
    • Tap on "Install from Storage."
    • Locate and select the GODSPEED Mode module file.
    • Wait for the installation to complete, then reboot your device.
  4. Activate GODSPEED Mode: Open a terminal app and enter the command su -c pom to choose and activate the desired profile.

Community Feedback

The gaming community has lauded GODSPEED Mode for its significant improvements in game performance and device optimisation. Users report smoother gameplay, faster load times, and extended battery life during gaming sessions. The module’s ease of use and the effectiveness of its profiles have been particularly praised.


GODSPEED Mode Resurrect Of Franticness Master is an essential Magisk module for any serious mobile gamer. With its customisable profiles, advanced optimisations, and efficient power management, it offers a comprehensive solution for elevating your gaming experience. Install GODSPEED Mode today and join the ranks of elite mobile gamers who have unlocked their full potential.


Your Travel to Gaming Enormity Raise your gaming ability with the Godspeed Mode Resurrect Of Franticness Master Magisk Module. Created by the venerated @revWhiteShadow and fueled by cutting-edge highlights, this module opens the entryway to a unused period of gaming fabulousness. Select from four fastidiously made profiles, optimize your gadget, and grasp the extreme gaming encounter. Connect the first class positions of portable gamers who have opened their full potential with Godspeed Mode Restore Of Franticness Master, and set forth on a travel of gaming significance. 

•terminal command su -c pom


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