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  •  v2.5 (200)
  •  reworked script (again)
  • many improvments made
  • adjusted alot of tweaks and props to get most out of aim assist
  •  decreased various slops for a better bullet registration
  • increased several props for better stability also while using BAG stand alone
  •  log file now stored into /Android folder!
  •  Reworked Touch Improver
  •  slightly increase Performance and reducing Battery Drain while Gaming (again)
  • Adjusted gpu & hw related options
  • minor fixes and improvements

I Recommend using it with Stratosphere Module (but it's up to you)


- A13 support (fixed lags) - Adjusted injector - script is now more powerfull - improved bullet register - improved touch responsive - adjusted touch improver - several improvments and adjustments made - various fixes for better stability - slightly decreased battery consumption (usage from script itself) - fixed code typo which caused random reboots on some devices - Still magisk 20+ support (please try updating magisk in the next time) - adjusted Treshold, TapSlop, orientation and many more.. - several bugs fixed and improvments made

v2.4 (180)
  • Did new BAG Logo
  •  Improved Overall Module!
  • Several user bugs fixed & Improvments made
  •  Script Inject after 25 sec.
  •  Reworked & Adjusted Code
  • Adjusted gpu & hw related options
  • Various Tweaks for Stability
  • Reworked Touch Improver



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