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Awaken OS v3.2 Triton - Android 13 Unofficial for Realme X ( RMX1901 )

Awaken OS v3.2 Triton - Android 13 Unofficial
for Realme X ( RMX1901 )

By ' 𝙎 𝙐 𝘽 𝙃 𝘼 𝘿 𝙀 𝙀 𝙋 '

Build Type : Gapps
Build Date : 22 November 2022
Build Status : Stable

- Changelog ( Device + Source ):
• November security patch
• Awakenos source upstream
• Added NTFS format support in OTG
•Updated DPM , RIL Blobs - from LA.QSSI.13.0.r1-05800-qssi.0
•Update CarrierConfig from LA.QSSI.13.0.r1-05500-qssi.0
• full change log

Changelog for awakenOS v3.2

// New features

• Added statusbar clock & date customization
• Allow users to secure tiles & power menu on keyguard
• Allow users to toggle seperate signal icons
• Bring back screen recording options
• Introduced AppLock & Faceunlock
• Introduced Bluetooth dialog
• Introduced hotspot toggle in QS internet dialog
• Introduced Less boring heads up option
• Introduced per-app volume
• Reintroducing auto hide clock
• Reintroducing Network Traffic Indicator
• Reintroducing systemwide app hide
• Update themed icons

**Fixed issues

• Fixed jumping brightness slider issue
• Fixed long press volume to skip track issue with screen off
• Fixed unlimited google photos option missing on vanilla build

Thanks to @anikdas00,@Hevclover77 for testing

• Safetynet passes by default
• Selinux Enforcing
• Device certified by default
•Use OFOX for flashing ( thx to HimJT for the recovery )
• Clean flash recommended

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