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- Probably the most common error, there can be several reasons that might cause issues like Corrupted zip file, SD cards etc etc
1.Avoid using Browsers like chrome for gets. Use get managers like 1DM or ADM ( get them on playstore )
2. Flash crDroid Android 10 ROM first, then flash the ROM you want to flash. this works 90% of the times.
3. You can flash stock MIUI once as well, that works too
4. Un-mount All partitions from mount section except data / sd card or otg ( if you are using those )
5.Cheap or corrpted SD cards can cause issues as well. Avoid using SD cards, flash through internal storage only if possible
6) At last, make sure you are using latest recovery


- Again a common issue
1. Try changing codename in updater script to phoenixin or in the recovery itself ( some recoveries have this option, some don't like TWRP )
2. Make sure the the ROM is for your device xD
3.If you face this error while flashing MIUI, Try using LrTWRP

Reboot to recovery after flashing a ROM -
1. Just Flash MIUI or crDroid A-10 then re-flash the ROM that you want to flash, that works.

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