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Incase someone goes back to MIUI ,and restores stuff from google backup on aosp rom with having nightmode turned on there ... It will automatically turn night mode at set time in MIUI too and you wont have any other way to turn it off ... the screen becomes warm not as much as actual night light but its annoying enough .
Either turn off the nightmode schedule in aosp rom and sync with google before flashing MIUI or do this lengthy process needs adb and usb debugging :D

Turn on developer options . Turn on Usb-debugging and Usb-Debugging ( Security settings ) in dev mode .
Connect your device to pc , go to your adb folder , Open command prompt and write these commands :

adb shell
settings list secure
settings put secure night_display_activated 0
settings put secure night_display_auto_mode 0
and press enter :)
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