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If you are an Android user, you know how frustrating it can be when your device starts to slow down or experience performance issues. Fortunately, there are various rooted tools available that can help you optimize your device's performance, including the STRP Ram Maximizer.

What is STRP Ram Maximizer?

STRP Ram Maximizer is a rooted tool for Android devices that helps to optimize your device's performance by freeing up RAM (Random Access Memory) and reducing the load on your device's CPU (Central Processing Unit). This tool is designed to maximize your device's RAM usage, thereby improving your device's speed and overall performance.

How Does STRP Ram Maximizer Work?

STRP Ram Maximizer works by freeing up RAM that is currently being used by apps and processes that are running in the background. By doing this, the tool reduces the load on your device's CPU, which in turn helps to improve your device's performance.

The tool achieves this by killing background apps and processes that are not currently in use. It also disables unnecessary system apps that are consuming too much RAM, which can be beneficial for users who are experiencing slow device performance.

Benefits of STRP Ram Maximizer

Improved device performance: STRP Ram Maximizer can help to improve your device's performance by freeing up RAM and reducing the load on your device's CPU.

Longer battery life: By reducing the load on your device's CPU, STRP Ram Maximizer can also help to improve your device's battery life.

Reduced app crashes: When your device has limited RAM, it can cause apps to crash or freeze. By freeing up RAM with STRP Ram Maximizer, you can reduce the likelihood of app crashes and freezes.

Customizable settings: STRP Ram Maximizer comes with customizable settings that allow you to control how the tool works on your device. This allows you to customize the tool to fit your specific needs.


If you are experiencing slow device performance or app crashes on your Android device, STRP Ram Maximizer can be a useful tool to optimize your device's performance. With its ability to free up RAM and reduce the load on your device's CPU, STRP Ram Maximizer can help to improve your device's speed, battery life, and overall performance. However, keep in mind that this tool requires rooting your Android device, which can potentially void your device's warranty and expose it to security risks.

Installer AUTO remove old Module !
▌▰▰ v3.0 [7188]
▰ version bumped to v3.0 because too many changes made
▰ {RamBoost A.I} is now {RAM Maximizer}
▰ Daemon does nothing IF
▰> battery is lower then 15%
▰> Ram capacity is over 75% Avaiable
▰ Added support for devices with low memory killer feature
▰ Improved props checker and adjuster functionality
▰ Added ability to disable tracing and log daemons for improved system performance
▰ Added service killer to identify and terminate unnecessary services running in the background (Not Apps)
▰ Enhanced support for adjusting swappiness, dirty ratio, and dirty background ratio values
▰ Improved minfree support for enhanced memory management
▰ Added support for ZRAM and ZSWAP to improve system performance on low RAM devices
▰ Adjusted kernel parameters to optimize RAM usage (if supported on the device)
Check HERE Full Changelog<

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