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Magisk Module for Ad Blocking and Enhancing Web Browsing


GS DNS Injector could be a capable Magisk module that revolutionizes web browsing on Android gadgets. By utilizing four DNS servers - OpenDNS, Google DNS, Norton DNS, and Cloudflare DNS - this module guarantees speedier and more secure web associations. Also, it offers a plenty of highlights, counting Verizon DNS, Range DNS, DNS servers lookup, Squarespace DNS, IP WHOIS lookup, DNS checker, NSLOOKUP, DNS lookup, DNS server administration, Cloudflare DNS integration, CNAME taking care of, and DNS leak test. In this article, we are going investigate the different benefits and functionalities of GS DNS Injector and how it improves the in general browsing encounter..

1. Speedier and Ad-Free Browsing: 

GS DNS Injector's essential work is to piece advertisements, giving clients with a consistent and ad-free browsing encounter. By utilizing progressed DNS arrangements, the module avoids undesirable notices from stacking on websites, in this manner sparing transmission capacity and progressing stack times. 

2. Secure and Private Browsing: 

With the integration of OpenDNS, Google DNS, Norton DNS, and Cloudflare DNS, GS DNS Injector guarantees vigorous security and security. These DNS servers offer improved assurance against phishing endeavors, malevolent websites, and different online dangers, shielding clients from potential security dangers. 

3. Verizon DNS and Range DNS: 

GS DNS Injector goes past ordinary DNS administration and incorporates bolster for particular suppliers like Verizon DNS and Range DNS. This highlight guarantees optimized network and superior execution for clients on these systems. 

4. DNS Servers Lookup: 

The module permits clients to perform DNS servers lookup, empowering them to distinguish the DNS servers right now in utilize. This data can be important for investigating network issues or comparing DNS execution. 

5. Squarespace DNS Integration: 

For Squarespace site proprietors, GS DNS Injector's Squarespace DNS integration could be a profitable include. It streamlines DNS administration for Squarespace spaces, guaranteeing smooth site operation and made strides SEO execution. 

6. IP WHOIS Lookup: 

With the IP WHOIS lookup usefulness, clients can get point by point data approximately a particular IP address, such as its beginning, area, and related organization. This highlight is especially valuable for organize chairmen and security devotees. 

7. DNS Checker and NSLOOKUP: 

GS DNS Injector incorporates DNS checker and NSLOOKUP instruments, enabling clients to approve DNS setups and perform DNS-related questions straightforwardly from their Android gadgets. 

8. DNS Server Administration: 

The module offers adaptable DNS server administration, permitting clients to switch between OpenDNS, Google DNS, Norton DNS, and Cloudflare DNS with ease. This usefulness makes a difference clients tailor their DNS settings to their particular needs. 

9. Cloudflare DNS Integration: 

Cloudflare DNS integration encourage improves GS DNS Injector's execution. By utilizing Cloudflare's quick and solid DNS framework, clients can encounter diminished inactivity and made strides generally browsing speed. 

10. CNAME Dealing with and DNS SpillTest: 

The module proficiently handles CNAME (Canonical Title) records, guaranteeing adjust DNS resolutions for different websites. Also, the DNS spill test highlight helps users identify and resolve potential DNS spills, upgrading protection and security. 


GS DNS Injector is an vital Magisk module for Android clients looking for to improve their web browsing encounter. By joining different DNS servers, counting OpenDNS, Google DNS, Norton DNS, and Cloudflare DNS, this module offers speedier, ad-free, secure, and private browsing. Moreover, its progressed highlights like Verizon DNS and Range DNS back, DNS servers lookup, Squarespace DNS integration, IP WHOIS lookup, DNS checker, NSLOOKUP, DNS server administration, Cloudflare DNS integration, CNAME taking care of, and DNS spill test make it a comprehensive and solid apparatus for optimizing DNS settings on Android gadgets. Introduce GS DNS Injector nowadays and open the genuine potential of your web browsing encounter.


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