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Allowing users to bypass the SafetyNet checks on Android devices and install apps that would otherwise be blocked is a fascinating topic. A new Magisk module named GODSPEED MODE allows users to install apps that are not officially supported by the Google Play Store.

1. amazon augmented ai

The most important aspect of any AI project is the data. If you don't have the data, you can't get an AI project off the ground. Amazon provides a ton of data for free. There are a few options for how to use that data.

2. ada ai

Ada AI is a new AI-powered chatbot that has been developed by the Alibaba Group. It is a chatbot that can provide information to help users find the best products based on their needs. It was created to help shoppers in China make the best decisions on what to buy. It uses AI technology to help provide the best information to shoppers in China. If you're looking for more information on Ada AI, you can visit the Alibaba Group website.


3. rossum ai

Rossum AI is a new AI platform that uses deep learning and natural language processing to deliver intelligent, predictive, and automated customer service. With the use of this platform, customer service agents can now focus on what matters most: providing great service. The best way to use this platform is to first create a chatbot. Then, you can create a chatbot for each customer service agent and for each department. This will allow you to give each customer service agent a personalized experience. Next, you should create a conversation strategy for each chatbot. This will help the chatbot understand the context of the conversation and provide the customer service agent with the best possible response. The chatbot will also have a natural language processing engine, which will allow it to understand the context of the conversation and provide a response. Finally, you should create a strategy for each chatbot. This will help the chatbot understand the context of the conversation and provide the customer service agent with the best possible response.
 Ubuntu Linux On android without root

4. ai for small business

How to Use AI for Small Business "Artificial intelligence is a broad term that refers to technologies that mimic human intelligence, such as the ability to learn, reason, plan, and understand language." "AI algorithms can be applied in many industries, such as: -Autonomous vehicles -Robotics -Healthcare -Finance -Retail -Education -Transportation -Government -Entertainment -Gaming" The article talks about how AI is a big part of the future of business.
GODSPEED MODE is the 1st AI Magisk Module which can automatically install Magisk 23 It has 100% compatibility with Magisk 23.

5. Introduction

The article introduces the Magisk Module called GODSPEED MODE. Magisk is a tool that lets you run custom versions of Android on your rooted device. The module is used to make the device boot into a special mode that disables the SafetyNet check for rooted devices. The article explains how to install the module.


6. How to use the module

This is the guide to help you understand how to use the module. It will show you how to set up the module and how to use it.
 Ubuntu Linux 

7. How to uninstall the module

To uninstall the module, go to the settings of your Android device. Then, go to the apps and find the Magisk Manager app. After that, you can uninstall the app.

8. How to update the module

When you first update the module, you will be prompted to connect the device to your computer. Once you have connected the device, you can begin to install the module. You will need to GET the module file and then transfer it to the device. You will then need to reboot the device in order to complete the installation process.


•by @revWhiteShadow

•This Magisk Module will start automatic with boot,there is 2 profiles in this module 
schedutil (Gaming)
Blu_schuditul (battery or balance)
When You open game it will switch automatic in gaming mode when you exit the game it will change governor in blu_schuditil

This Module Featured

input boost freq hp
Improved Kernel Panic Tweak
Aim assest Boost
Improve Miscellaneous Tweak
Sound Boost
System Cleaner Tweak
Performance Enhancement (Improved)
Improved Gaming Mode 
Auto Switch Profile Between Gaming and Normal use.
(this Feature work with sensor)
Reduce Heats (avg heat around 40 WHILE HEAVY GAMING)
Google Service Optimizing     
Dt2W Fixed Tweaks
CAF CPU Boost Tweaks
Reduce Drain Tweaks
Touchpaint Tweaks
GPU Touch Render Tweaks
Smooth Scrolling
Disable Dynamic Rafresh Rate
Graphic Optimization
Fps Booster.
Open magisk manager application 
Go to modulr section
Tap on install from storage 
Find the GETed magisk module
After flashing complete reboot your device
11. Conclusion 
This is a magisk module called GODSPEED A.I.
which mean it will configure your device by it self.it give low and max performance with userbase

12. rpa machine learning

RPA is a system that is designed to automate repetitive tasks. RPA is a great system for automating tasks in a business. In order to make the most of your RPA system, it is important to know how to use it. It is also important to know what RPA is capable of. In order to figure out how to use RPA, it is important to know what it is and what it is capable of.

13. witch doctor battlebots

Witch doctor is an archetype in BattleBots that uses a gimmick to win. Some witch doctors are equipped with a small cannon on their back. They are able to shoot a ray of light at their opponent, which temporarily disables their opponent.

14. sphero star wars

If you want to play with the sphero star wars, you need to know how the sphero star wars work. The sphero star wars are unique because of the way the move and because of the way the sphero star wars connect to each other. The sphero star wars have a magnet that is located in the middle of the sphero star wars. When you press the sphero star wars together, the magnet will create a current of electricity. When you use the sphero star wars, you will have to connect the sphero star wars together. The sphero star wars are unique because of the way the sphero star wars connect to each other.

15. concert dance

The rest system is used when a dancer is tired or needs a break from the routine. It is set up by the instructor and is usually in the form of a line or a grid. The dancer in the center of the line or grid is the person who is dancing, and the other dancers are the resters. The dancers on the line or grid must be doing the same routine. The resters are free to perform different exercises or routines, but they are not allowed to leave the line or grid. The rest system is usually used for a short break, but it can also be used for a long break. The dancers who are on the line or grid can take a break and the resters can perform exercises or routines.

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