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CherishOS v4.1.4 - OFFICIAL Stable | Android 13 FOR POCO X4 PRO/REDMI NOTE 11 PRO

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CherishOS v4.1.4 - OFFICIAL Stable | Android 13 FOR POCO X4 PRO/REDMI NOTE 11 PRO

#CherishOS #veux #Android13 #T

CherishOS v4.1.4 - OFFICIAL Stable | Android 13
Updated: 30/10/'22


Changelog v4.1 07/10/2022

* Merge Oct Patch
* Added applock
* Added animations to quick settings tiles
* Added interpolators to qs tiles animation
* Added Power/reboot menu transparency
* Added Power Menu animations
* Added custom monet from protonOS
* Added doubletap/longpress power to toggle torch
* Added Display actual charge tech in battery settings
* Added Display Turbo charging in battery settings
* Added refactor statusbar bluetooth icon
* Added ability to toggle bluetooth battery level
* Added toggling privacy indicators
* Added option app icons in statusbar optional
* Added notification counters
* Added vanilla builds
* Fixed bug Device that can't support adoptable storage cannot read the sdcard.
* Fixed list style alert dialog to use system font
* Fixed crash/race condition when destroyActivity
* Fixed bluetooth pan memory leakage
* WallpaperService: Fixed half black wallpaper after rotating quickly
* Updated to various icons
* Shorten wait time for shutdown time optimization
* Improved other systems

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•DevHighlights & Device Specific Changes:
Build type: Monthly
Device: Poco
Device maintainer: Monu

=====30th Oct, 2022======

- Sync with latest source 
- Updated with latest vendor 
- All pervious known bugs fixed
- Removed device specific settings
- Added xiaomi parts (thanks to SharmaG and all other devs)
- Rest u tell me when u instalEnjoy
Flashing Recovery through ADB:
1. fastboot flash boot boot.img
2. fastboot flash vendor_boot  vendor_boot.img
3. fastboot reboot recovery

Flashing ROM:
* Select Apply Update
* Apply Update from SD Card or OTG
* Select rom and flash it
* reboot to recovery again
* Apply Update from SD Card or OTG
* Select Gapps and flash it (if needed)
* format data(if you make it dirty flash skip this step)
* reboot to system
* Enjoy

* Select Apply Update
* Apply Update from ADB
* Connect your phone to PC
* adb sideload
* reboot to recovery again
* adb sideload
* format data
* reboot to system
* Enjoy


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Thanks To >
• @Ramisky && @kleidione for base tree
• @SharmagRit for tree & helping a lot
• @hussamsamer && all other Testers who tested my build Thanks for your support

By @Monu_ohlyan
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